Buy NFT Chest Box on CreoPlay, Get Free Carillons!

This a deal you don't want to miss!

Evermore Knights, the debut JRPG title created by Creo Engine, has officially launched its NFT Chest Box Sale on CreoPlay. The game also runs a Close Beta Test program for participants who have pre-registered themselves and NFT holders. The CBT is running from 1st — 15th November 2022.

In celebration of the CBT, we offer FREE CARILLONS FOR EACH NFT CHEST BOX PURCHASED ON CREOPLAY. Here's the deal;

What is a Carillon

Carillon is a special item used to summon (gacha) characters, items, weapons, or accessories in Evermore Knights. Players will need to collect several numbers of Carillons to perform the summoning.

There are two types of summoning/gacha in Evermore Knights:
1. 1x Gacha, requires 100 Carillons
2. 10x Gacha, requires 1000 Carillons

How To Participate

Users will need to enter information such as; e-mail address, BEP20 wallet address, information regarding the NFT chest box purchased, CreoPlay Username (CreoPlay account username), and Evermore Knights Game ID.

Period and Distribution

This offer will be available from 1st — 15th November 2022, and Free Carillons will be sent to purchasers on the Open Beta Test phase (coming this late November)

For more information, head to Evermore Knights' web and socials



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