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2 min readApr 28, 2023

Creo Engine has been making waves in the gaming and cryptocurrency industries with its innovative Play-to-Earn feature, which allows players to earn cryptocurrency and other digital assets by playing games on the platform. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of Play-to-Earn, how it works on Creo Engine’s platform, and how you can get involved.

Play-to-Earn: When Gaming Rewards Get Real

Traditionally, players could earn rewards such as points or virtual goods. However, in Web3 gaming platforms, blockchain technology is used to create digital assets that have real-world value and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that players can earn cryptocurrency or other digital assets by playing games and then sell these assets on cryptocurrency exchanges for real-world money.

Play-and-Earn has become popular in the Web3 gaming community because it allows players to earn money while having fun playing games. It also creates a new revenue stream for game developers, who can earn money from the sale of digital assets and from transaction fees on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Mechanics of Play-To-Earn at Creo Engine

At the forefront of the Play-to-Earn revolution is Creo Engine, which offers exciting games designed with Play-and-Earn features. One of these games is Evermore Knights, an anime-inspired RPG with a strong global gamer community.

Evermore Knights rewards Commissioners (the players) with various types of currencies, including Evergems, a highly sought-after premium currency used in the game.

Evergem to $CREO

Evergem serves as a premium currency in Evermore Knights and can be used to summon characters, weapons, and accessories within the game. And now, Evergems can also be swapped for $CREO tokens, the cryptocurrency that governs the Creo Engine ecosystem.

Evergems can also be swapped for $CREO tokens, the cryptocurrency that governs the Creo Engine ecosystem.

Creo Engine is set to launch a new ‘Swap’ feature on CreoPlay, allowing Commissioners to exchange their Evergems for $CREO tokens. This new feature brings players one step closer to acquiring virtual assets, as they can now earn and trade digital tokens simply by playing the game.

Get Whitelisted at CreoPlay

The Swap feature is scheduled to be released on CreoPlay soon, and registration is currently open for those who wish to take part in the Mainnet Testing Phase through a Whitelist system that is currently in progress.

Click the link below to get whitelisted and don’t miss this exciting opportunity:

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