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4 min readApr 8, 2024
CREO, now on ETH!

The CreoPlay Bridge represents the latest feature additions to the platform, offering users the ability to transfer their CREO tokens across various blockchains. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide on utilizing the bridge to send and receive CREO to and from the Ethereum chain.

Before you start, ensure that you have added the Creo Engine token for the Ethereum Network to your MetaMask wallet. (PS: you may need to activate VPN before starting). Here’s how:

  • Switch your MetaMask network to Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Access MetaMask and click on “Import Tokens.”
  • Choose “Custom Token” from the options.
  • Enter the Creo Engine Official Smart Contract Address for the Ethereum Network when prompted. Here is the official Creo Engine smart contract address for Ethereum:


  • When prompted, select “Import” to add Creo Engine token.
  • You have now successfully added the Creo Engine token to your MetaMask token list.

Let’s begin cross bridging CREO tokens to Ethereum network!

Here are the steps;

  • Open your MetaMask or computer browser (preferably Google Chrome) and go to
  • Connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the ‘Connect Wallet
  • Enter the amount of CREO you wish to send to your Ethereum Network wallet. Once entered, you’ll notice a notification in red stating ‘Transfer amount exceeds allowance, please approve.’ You will need to approve the amount entered, let’s move on to the next step.
  • Your MetaMask wallet will prompt you with a notification to confirm the amount to be transfered. <PS: You can click on the ‘Max’ button to set the maximum amount, eliminating the need for future approval requests from the bridge.>

Proceed to approve the transaction and gas fees required to complete the transaction by clicking ‘Next’ then ‘Approve’.

  • After approval, you’ll receive a notification confirming that you have successfully approved the amount to be transferred to the Ethereum network. Additionally, you will be provided with the transaction hash to track the transaction. Click on the Home Page button to begin transferring.
  • Now that you have confirmed the amount of CREO to be transferred to the Ethereum Network, click ‘Transfer’ to proceed with the transaction.
  • Your MetaMask wallet will prompt you with a notification to confirm the transfer. Click ‘Approve’ then ‘Confirm’ to proceed.
  • After confirming the transaction on MetaMask, you’ll receive another notification confirming that the transfer has been successful. Additionally, you will be provided with the transaction hash to track the transaction.

To claim your CREO on Ethereum Chain

PS: Before proceeding to claim your CREO tokens, ensure that your MetaMask network is switched to Ethereum Mainnet and that you have enough ETH coins available on your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fees.

  • Click on the ‘Home Page’ button and scroll down to view your transaction history. If you have CREO tokens to claim, a ‘Claim’ button will appear next to the transaction.
  • Proceed to click on the ‘Claim’ button then ‘Confirm
  • MetaMask will display a notification asking you to confirm the transaction. Once you’ve reviewed the details, proceed with the confirmation.
  • After a brief processing period, the transaction will be successfully completed, and you will be provided with the transaction hash for your reference.

You can utilize the same straightforward procedure to transfer your CREO from the Ethereum chain to the BNB chain!

With CREO now available on the Ethereum Network, we’re ushering in a new era of possibilities for our community. This cross-chain integration opens doors to a broader ecosystem, offering exciting opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey as we explore the vast potential of Web3 and unlock new horizons together.

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