Creo Engine Integrates Verasity’s VeraViews for Web3 Gaming Video and Rewards

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3 min readApr 26, 2024

As one of the fastest-growing web3 gaming platforms globally, Creo Engine continues to progress with partnerships and collaborations to strengthen the $CREO ecosystem.

It is with great pride that we announce our new partnership with Verasity, a digital platform specializing in video technology enriched with multiple features. This integration will boost CreoPlay’s functionality with “watch & earn” rewards across our expansive gaming library.

Verasity — Trust, Transparency & Video Technology

Powered by a mix of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain technologies, Verasity is an open-ledger ecosystem designed to fight advertising fraud, provide open access to infrastructure for publishers and advertisers, and reward users for watching video content.

Here are Verasity’s offerings that will be integrated into CreoPlay, all designed with trust and transparency for users empowerment:

  • VeraViews

An open ledger advertising ecosystem built around Verasity’s patented “Proof of View” (PoV) fraud identification technology. With transparent invalid traffic (IVT) tracking for publishers, and auditable campaign statistics for brands, VeraViews is the most powerful and auditable solution for preventing ad fraud.

With VeraViews integrated into Creo Engine, ads are seen by real people, resulting in a higher campaign ROI% for advertisers and faster payment times for publishers.

  • VeraAds

A new service offering from Verasity for 2024, designed to directly onboard Web3 publishers and companies into VeraViews — such as Creo Engine- helping monetize their video inventory and grow their businesses through traditional advertising channels.

Web3, blockchain, and metaverse technologies have expanded rapidly in the last few years, leading to a multitude of publishers with high traffic and large user bases. However, many of these publishers have yet to capitalize on the monetization opportunities available for their website traffic — a huge lost revenue opportunity for entities operating in the space.

This is going to change with CreoPlay being integrated with VeraAds, acting as the channel for users and brands to connect while profitting together.

  • VeraWallet

Verasity also offers VeraWallet, yet to be integrated into CreoPlay which currently has hosted several digital wallets in our ecosystem.

$CREO X $VRA — Blasting Benefits for Both Communities

Under the deal, Creo Play — Creo Engine’s platform hosting 30+ Web3 games with growing numbers of daily active users — will integrate VeraViews to monetize its vast video content library through relevant advertising. This unlocks a new revenue stream while enhancing the viewer experience.

Additionally, Verasity and Creo Engine will collaborate to enable “Watch & Earn” functionality, allowing gamers to earn rewards for watching video content related to their favorite titles on Creo Play.

This partnership with Creo Enginemarks our first major foray into web3 gaming, aligning with our vision to proliferate VeraViews across emerging blockchain ecosystems,” said RJ Mark, Verasity CEO and Founder.

Creo Engine is blazing a trail in Asia’s digital entertainment landscape, making them an ideal partner as we ramp up adoption of our video solutions for the metaverse era.

The integration underscores Verasity’s expanding presence in gaming and evolving video consumption patterns. Its VeraViews platform enables transparent ad auctions, accelerating video monetization for web3 media companies and game publishers struggling with ad fraud issues.

Verasity’s rollout doesn’t stop at video delivery. As a pioneering project harnessing blockchain’s benefits, Verasity offers a comprehensive ecosystem with VeraWallet for secure crypto custody with staking rewards and VeraAds to onboard web3 companies onto its ad platform.

The team will work closely with Creo Engine over the coming months to implement the VeraViews video environment within Creo Play, paving the way for watch-to-earn models that incentivize user engagement and retention for web3 games.

The partnership represents a significant milestone for Verasity as it drives adoption of its blockchain-based video solutions in the rapidly evolving web3 and metaverse gaming sector. Meanwhile, Creo Engine is solidying its presence in becoming the cornerstone platform powering Asia’s digital entertainment and financial empowerment through web3 gaming.

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