Creo Engine Meme Design Contest

Meme heads, it’s your time to shine
  • Creo Engine Discord Server at under #meme-contest
  • Your Instagram account — use the #CreoEngineMemeCompetitionJuly22 hashtag and tag our IG account (at)creoengine.official
  • Twitter — use the #CreoEngineMemeCompetitionJuly22 hashtag and tag our Twitter account (at)creo_engine and 3 friends
  • 12:00 UTC, 15th July 2022 until 23:59 UTC, 31st July 2022
  • 10,000 $CREO tokens for 10 Winners (1,000 $CREO per winner)
  • 1 Community-favorite winner will receive an additional Evermore Knights Weapon Chest Box!
  • Follow our Twitter account at and like/RT the Meme Contest Post. Invite 3 of your friends to join the contest by mentioning their Twitter accounts on your post!
  • Join Creo Engine Telegram Global Community:
  • - Follow Creo Engine Instagram Account:
  • Only one meme per entry is allowed; multiple entries will be disqualified
  • Meme must contain the Creo Engine logo (find Logo at under #meme-rules )
  • Meme will be judged based on their art, creativity, and efforts
  • Meme must be related to Creo Engine products, features, images, and branding
  • Creo Engine will not be liable for any copyright infringement
  • *Community-favorite winners will be based on Discord post's love reaction
  • Plagiarism of meme design will be disqualified
  • No NSFW content
  • No FUD and Spam in any form
  • 10 Winners + 1 Community-favorite winner will be announced 3 days after the contest ends
  • Rewards will be distributed 48 hours after the announcement



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