Creo Engine Presents ‘Public Testnet Registration for Evermore Knights’

Evermore Knights Public Testnet is Finally Here!

On 18th April, Creo Engine released an announcement for the Evermore Knights’ Public Testnet (and Whitelist Spot). This article will explain the campaign’s mechanics and how to secure a spot for the NFT purchase Whitelist! The event will take place immediately until 23rd April 2022.

It’s on! Public Testnet for Evermore Knights!

What is a Public Testnet?

The “Testing Network” or Testnet is an alternative blockchain network used solely for testing a program, and in this case, a game. In a game public Testnet, players will be invited to join, mint NFTs and try the game developed so far. Due to the limitation of users for the Testnet, usually, developers will have to curate participants by requesting them to do tasks after registering their contacts.

How to enter Evermore Knights Public Testnet?

Click on the link: and from there, follow all the tasks given:

(Some of the tasks will require you to enter your full name, e-mail, and wallet address)

After completing all tasks, you are now one step closer to becoming a participant in the Public Testnet. The participants of the Public Testnet will be limited to 5,000 players worldwide. Selected participants will receive an e-mail containing the steps to download and try the game after the participant number has reached its limit.

And there is also…

1,000 Whitelist Spot for early-bird access to the upcoming NFT sale event!

Among the 5,000 registered participants, 1,000 will automatically receive Whitelist spots! The Whitelist spot is used to purchase Character and Weapon NFTs in the upcoming INO events, all with multiple benefits! So, don’t miss it, Creotizens!

*Evermore Knights Public Testnet will solely focus on experimenting with the gameplay.



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