Creo Engine Whitepaper 2.1 — Everything You Need to Know

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3 min readDec 27, 2023

As a new year is approaching, Creo Engine is honored to share the newest roadmap for all stakeholders. We welcome everyone to take a look into our Whitepaper 2.1, the most updated document with detailed insights for your decision-making and information.

Updated Roadmap — Year 2024

To fully understand how Creo Engine has progressed since it’s firstly founded, we invite you to take a close look at our previous and existing roadmap HERE.

As for year 2024, we have a few gameplans lined-up as below:

  • Cex Listings
  • CreoPlay: Staking Feature Launch
  • Game I: Evermore Knights — Grand Launch
  • CreoPlay: Creo DApps Launch
  • CreoPlay: Developer Tool Launch
  • In-house Web2 game with RWA implementation porting to CreoPlay
  • CreoPlay: Multichain Launch
  • Game I: Evermore Knights — Feature Improvement
  • CreoPlay: AI Implementation
  • CreoPlay: Asset Interoperability Feature Launch

In the listed points above, we are excited to bring $CREO closer to our community through more CEX listings. We’ll also focus on perfecting Evermore Knights, our beloved anime-based RPG games with growing downloads, and supercharging CreoPlay through the launch of CreoCapps, AI implementation, and other upcoming features.

What To Expect of Creo Engine Moving Forward

To be more specific, allow us to break down a few key points that will provide valuable insights to all stakeholders, our communities, Web3 enthusiasts and beyond:

  • CreoDapps Revolution

In Q4 2023, we launched the TestNet of CreoDapps via Polygon Mumbai network. We’ve also geared up the hype by organizing a Whitelist for interested game developers looking for ways to convert from Web2 to Web3 gaming. It’s safe to say that this rapid development within such a short period of time is a promising start to an even BIGGER picture that lies ahead for Creo Engine.

CreoDapps is going to be an integral part of our ecosystem, as we hope to empower developers to effortlessly integrate blockchain technology, tokens, and NFTs into their games. Creoapps eliminates the complexities so often associated with Web3 development through powerful features such as : Token Creator, Airdrop System, NFT Builder, Pool Generator, and IDO/INO Launchpad.

Developers can focus on crafting captivating gaming experiences and innovative earning systems while saving valuable time and reducing development costs.

  • Tokenomics Allocations

Already built within CreoDapps and CreoPlay is the Staking feature, which allows users to earn rewards in $CREO by participating in staking pools. As we progress ahead in the future, users can expect even a more robust function that extends beyond just $CREO. This is because Creo Engine is looking to expand into multichain tokenomics.

CreoDapps and CreoPlay are going to be a powerful platform for users and developers to grow their assets, from $CREO, NFTs, other tokens, and so on.

  • Enhanced User Experience

The user experience has always been at the core of what we do here in Creo Engine. This has proven to be the focus still as we move forward. Users can enjoy a plethora of services through CreoPlay, including Gamepedia for discovering and playing games, the Swap feature for converting in-game assets to cryptocurrency, various Staking Options, a Marketplace for NFT trading, and a Store for direct in-game asset purchases from developers.

Additionally, Subscription Plans offer exclusive discounts on platform fees for both sellers and buyers, further enhancing the value for the gaming community.

To A Bullish Future With Creo Engine

The Web3 industry has been posing many challenges over the years, but Creo Engine as a team and ecosystem has more than endured. We are optimistic and bullish on what lies ahead, as proven in our release of Whitepaper 2.1, and we can’t wait for all of you to join along this glorious journey.

Stay tuned for more and head to our web and socials below:
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