CreoPlay Exclusive NFT Character Sale 12.12!

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3 min readDec 12, 2022

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add unique and powerful characters to your party with CreoPlay’s Exclusive NFT Character sale!

Christmas comes early. Grab it now!

Starting today, you can get one of these sought-after characters at an incredible price of only 99$ (worth of CREO) — a limited-time offer lower than the normal price of 149$. But hurry, as this offer is only available for a limited time and only for the first 500 characters sold!

To purchase the Exclusive Character, first, make sure you have a CreoPlay account and your wallet is connected. Then, ensure that you have enough CREO tokens in your wallet to make the purchase.

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When you purchase a character, it will be randomly chosen from the three available options: Quinn, Laslow, or Curtis.

Exclusive Characters on Sale

  1. Quinn (Thundering Emergence)

A beautiful woman from a small village in the outskirts called Lusataine, recently started working for Evermore Calvary, and with her sharp wits and piercing beauty, she is known as the Dawn Huntress.

Not only is she a seasoned huntress, but she’s also an expert in lightning magic. She dedicates her life to eradicating the Dread and avenging her fellow friends and loved ones who got taken away.


2. Curtis (Luminous Sermon)

Curtis is known as the best trainee priest of the holy Evermore Cathedral with a strange symbol on his forehead. He also has healing abilities that make him the most sought-after person for various illnesses and medical needs, and people like to visit him for advice.

Curtis is also a formidable caster. He knows how to defend himself, which makes him an exceptional asset on the battlefield, especially when it comes to keeping his friends and comrades alive.


3. Laslow (Dauntless Flames)

Laslow, the stable boy from Osten. Despite his young age, he was recruited by the Guildmaster due to his extraordinary information-gathering skills. He can blend in nicely in a crowd of people.

Due to his docile appearance, not many people suspected he worked for the Evermore Knights, so people leaked information to him. Besides being good at taking care of the Knights’ horses, he also has exceptional riding skills.

Login to your CreoPlay Account, connect your wallet, and start purchasing now! Remember to have CREO tokens in your wallet!

Don’t hesitate; grab your Exclusive NFT Character today and take your party to the next level!

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