CreoPlay Soft Launch is HERE!

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2 min readOct 21, 2022

Our platform CreoPlay: Soft Launch is officially launched! Get #ReadyToCreoPlay!

It’s here! Let’s get #ReadyToCreoPlay

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CreoPlay is a size-fits-all platform to unify the metaverse. Providing what all gamers seek; a next-level gaming experience that allows everyone to connect, play and earn.

CreoPlay Soft Launch

In the Soft Launch version, CreoPlay will be able to accommodate players in creating their profiles, allowing them to register themselves as platform users.

The next feature is Gamepedia; players can browse the selection of games in CreoPlay, and by clicking on a game title, players can view their NFT collections from their wallets related to the game. Players can also transfer their NFTs to compatible crypto wallets of their choice.

Upcoming Features

The Marketplace (coming soon) is where players can discover, buy and sell unique in-game assets/NFTs. Players can list the in-game assets/NFTs they wish to sell and arrange the asking price. Players who are interested in the listed items can make purchases using cryptocurrencies.

The Staking feature (coming soon) is where players can participate in staking their in-game assets/NFTs and CREO tokens for a certain period to earn more cryptocurrencies (or NFTs)


More features are ready to launch and in the making, Creotizens! The best is yet to come, so let’s #ReadyToCreoPlay!

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