Evermore Knights APK Update is AVAILABLE NOW!

Dear Commissioners, how was your experience playing Evermore Knights? It’s been 2 weeks since the start of the Closed Beta Test, and we hope you’re still having fun playing the game and collecting Evergems.

With the recurring issues regarding the Evermore Knights APK, such as frequent app force close, unable to finish downloads, etc., we have taken notes, optimized the App, and released a new version of the App (Evermore Knights CBT APK v2) with better and enhanced performance!

- Fixed fatal crash issues
- Overall performance optimizations
- Memory management improvements
- Bug fix on battle randomly being non-responsive
- Skill power balancing (Blade Barrage & Winter Wonder)
- Ultimate skill charge requirement balancing
- Zenny & Fodder daily dungeon stage updates
- Sound effects, music, & ambiance sound updates
- Experimental fix on infinite loading bugs
- PvP AI minor improvement
- Balanced equipment upgrade cost
- Minor bug fixes, improvements, & optimizations

Ps: To ensure smooth performance from the APK, we recommend you do a clean install using the latest APK. Perform a clean install by removing the previous APK from your device first before installing the latest APK

Please also be aware that with the release of the new APK, the previous APK will become obsolete and will not work, so don’t forget to perform the new v2 APK installation immediately.

Our warmest gratitude to the loyal community that has shared and reported the issues to us for bettering the game; hopefully, this newer APK will pay off. However, if you still have problems or difficulties and want to report them, kindly email us at support@muse-entertainment.net or head to our Discord Server.

Ps: Join our Discord server and earn yourself a ‘Fellowship’ role by staying active in the channel. The ‘Fellowship’ role will grant users many benefits:
- Users can change their nickname in the server
- Users can create threads
- Users can share embedded links
- Users can add ‘reaction,’ ‘emojis,’ ‘and ‘stickers’ from outside of the channel

Head to our web and socials to learn more:
Evermore Knights Website
Evermore Knights Twitter
Evermore Knights Discord
Creo Engine Discord



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