Evermore Knights CBT is Starting Soon!

With the pre-registration phase finally ending, it is time to peek into the realm of Evermore Knights through the Close Beta Test (CBT) this early November!

CBT Period will be on the 1st — 15th of November 2022 and is open for all players participating in the pre-registration phase and NFT Holders. In the CBT, Players can test out the game by playing the adventure mode, two daily dungeons, and PVP features.

Players can also start collecting Evergems (the premium currency in Evermore Knights) once the CBT starts. In addition, the Evergems collected during the CBT phase will remain in-game onwards.

For players who missed out on the Evermore Knights INO event can purchase NFT Chest Box on the CreoPlay Platform by clicking on https://creoplay.app/games/evermore-knights

The countdown for CBT will start on the 29th of November 2022 at 9 AM UTC, and Open Beta Test itself will begin on the 27th of November, followed by the game launch (date TBC)

Head to our web and socials to learn more:
Evermore Knights Website
Evermore Knights Twitter
Evermore Knights Discord
Creo Engine Discord



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