Evermore Knights Pre-Registration is open!

Dear Creotizens, the Pre-registration for Evermore Knights is officially open! Participate and win amazing rewards!

The time is now, Creotizens!

Get ready to start your adventure by pre-registering, and win exclusive rewards!

  1. 1,000,000 Zenny & 15 Jade Lost Time Idol
  2. Carillon worth 1 gacha (50 Carillons) and 3 Divine Keys
  3. Carillon worth 3 gachas (150 Carillons) and Royal Secret Service Costume
  4. Carillon worth 6 gachas (300 Carillons), and an exclusive weapon “Kalarau
  5. Carillon worth 10 gachas (500 Carillons) & non-tradeable Exclusive Character “Gashani
  • Additional Notes:
  1. Pre-Register Rewards depend on the number of entries received during the period of the event
  2. Event Period: August 20th, 2022, at 1 PM UTC until September 19th, 2022, at 1 PM UTC
  3. Winners are required to enter Evermore Knights’ Early Access to claim the rewards. Claiming period will end 7 days after Early Access starts.

About Evermore Knights

Evermore Knights is a Play-to-Earn game produced by Creo Engine through Nomina Games Studio. It is a turn-based JRPG featuring NFT Characters and Weapons. The full version of the game is set to launch in Q4 of 2022.

Evermore Knights: Creo Engine’s debut JRPG title

And remember, if you choose to make a Full NFT Party (4 NFT Characters + 4 Weapons), you will be offered more in-game bonuses, item drops, and faster ROI!

Head to our web and socials to learn more:
Evermore Knights Website



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