Exclusive: Evermore Knights NFT Sale on Bybit NFT!

About Evermore Knights

Evermore Knights is a Play-to-Earn game produced by Creo Engine through Nomina Games Studio. It is a turn-based JRPG featuring NFT Characters and Weapons. The game is set to launch in late September 2022.

Get ready, Commissioner!

And remember, if you choose to make a Full NFT Party (4 NFT Characters + 4 Weapons), you will be offered more in-game bonuses, item drops, and faster ROI!

For the initial launch, we are offering the Evermore Knights NFT through the Bybit NFT platform at a 50% Discount! This event will start from August 29th until September 2nd, 2022. Check out the details on INO Sale on Bybit NFT below:

The Evermore Knights INO Event on Bybit NFT will offer 2 types of NFTs:

Weapon Chest Box (left) and Character Chest Box (right)
  1. NFT Character Chest Box
Samples of Unique Character NFT
Samples of Weapon NFTs (Dagger)

There are 4 key benefits to purchasing these NFTs in the INO.

  • The first batch of the NFT Chest Box contain highly sought origin characters and weapons. These NFTs are called the 'Origin Type NFT,' this type of NFT is more potent than normal NFTs that will be released in the future.
  • Get Evermore Knights NFT at an exceptional price only on Bybit NFT, and players with Whitelist Spots can purchase these NFTs at a discounted price.
  • Players can start the game strong, using well-built characters and more capable weapons to fight enemies, clear missions, and dungeons. This means players who invest in these NFTs will have faster ROI.
  • Interoperability Support in CreoPlay. These NFTs will have additional utilities in other games under the CreoPlay platform. This is an exclusive feature for the CreoPlay platform.



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