Flash Sale: Exclusive NFT Character Grana (Origin Type) on CreoPlay!

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2 min readDec 27, 2022

A Must-Have for Evermore Knights players, fans, and NFT Collectors!

Everyone’s favorite character: Grana

If you’re a fan of Evermore Knights, NFTs, and digital collectibles, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Grana (ORIGIN TYPE) Exclusive NFT Character, a 5-star character that will surely boost your party in Evermore Knights.

These rare and powerful NFTs are 10% stronger than the standard version, making them valuable to any collection.

But hurry, as these exclusive NFTs are in high demand and are only available for a limited time. From December 27, 2022, to January 9, 2023, you can purchase one of these NFTs for the discounted price of just $99, a savings of $150 off the regular price of $249. With only 100 of these NFTs available, they are sure to become a highly sought-after item among collectors.

To purchase, first, make sure you have a CreoPlay account and your wallet is connected. Then, ensure that you have enough CREO tokens in your wallet to make the purchase.

Click here to learn about CreoPlay: https://bit.ly/CreateCreoPlayAccount.

Click here to learn about Creating MetaMask Wallet and Purchasing CREO on PancakeSwap: https://bit.ly/MetaMask-PancakeSwapTutorial

So don’t wait — add a Grana (ORIGIN TYPE) NFT to your collection today and enhance your gaming experience with this exclusive and powerful character.



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