How To: Evermore Knights NFT in CreoPlay

Aside from providing players with curated, high-quality GameFis, the Creoplay platform also endorses NFTs as in-game assets with multiple utilities.

This article will explain how players can utilize (Soft Launch Version) to purchase, view, open NFT Chest Box, and send Evermore Knights NFT to Evermore Knights game

1. Buy/Open/Send Evermore Knights NFT Chest Box

  • Go to and connect your BEP20 wallet
  • Choose the game title you wish to purchase the NFT from (Evermore Knights)
  • Under the ‘Chest Category,’ choose the NFT Chest Box type you want to buy, open, or send; a pop-up screen will show up. You can now choose one from the 3 options:

2. Viewing NFT Information

  • Viewing your NFT information
    Under the ‘My Items’ category, click on the NFT Character/Weapon image to view their information.

3. Transfering your NFT from wallet to game

  • Players who log in using their CreoPlay Username in Evermore Knights:
    Under the ‘My Items’ category, click on the ‘Send to Game’ button under NFT Character/Weapon image.
  • Players who logged in to Evermore Knights using a Gmail account:
    You will need to link your Gmail account with a CreoPlay username by going to ‘Setting’ in the game and clicking the ‘Link With CreoPlay’ button

If you’re experiencing difficulties or errors after following all the steps above, kindly email us at or head to our Discord Server.

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Creo Engine Discord
Evermore Knights Website



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