How To: Swap Evergem to CREO

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2 min readMay 21, 2023

This is a complete guide on how to swap your Evergem to CREO.

With the launch of our trial swapping on Mainnet for the first phase of swapping, and also upcoming public launch of ‘Swap’ feature, you can now turn your in-game currency Evergem into our cryptocurrency $CREO.

First few ground rules, the swap amount is minimum 100 tokens and maximum 500 tokens during the first trial Mainnet swap. This is subject to change as we move forward to the other phases of live ‘Swap’ feature on CreoPlay. But the process of how to swap Evergem to SCREO shall remain the same as below:

  1. Go to

Make sure that you have already owned a CreoPlay account. If you haven’t, click here for the full tutorial on how to create your CreoPlay Account. Continue all the way and connect your wallet to sync.

2. Select ‘Evermore Knights”

Go to ‘Games” menu and select “Evermore Knights” to be directed to the page. Scroll down and you will see the ‘Swap Token” feature available to click.

3. Enter your amount

Once you click on the “Swap Token” button, a pop-up will appear to input your Evergem amount. Type your desired amount and you will see an instant conversion to $CREO right next to it.
Note : 1 Evergem = $0.01 (in $CREO)

Input the amount of Evergem to swap, then click “Convert” button. Another pop-up confirming your decision will appear, click “Convert Now” button to proceed.

To find the information about the amount, click the question mark symbol and read more.

4. Swap Completed

After the transaction loads and is fully completed, you will receive a pop-up notification in full details. Click “Done” and check your new balance. Your Evergem swap to $CREO is successful.

And that’s how you use the “Swap” feature on CreoPlay, where your in-game Evergem can now be converted to $CREO, a live cryptocurrency token with virtual value.

Continue to earn Evergem while playing Evermore Knights and reap your benefits as you progress as Commissioner. We hope you find this tutorial helpful.

If you’re experiencing difficulties or errors after following all the steps above, kindly email us: at

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