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2 min readSep 21, 2023


In the pursuit of bolstering the web3 gaming ecosystem, Creo Engine, through the CreoPlay platform, has integrated various exciting features and services.

Designed as a hub for game developers and users, CreoPlay is specifically tailored as a web3 platform to facilitate the development, realization, and distribution of new games. Its scope extends beyond Nomina Games, Creo Engine’s in-house game studio, offering opportunities for local and global game developers to contribute to and enrich the web3 gaming ecosystem.

With a dual audience approach, CreoPlay offers a range of compelling features for users/ gamers, such as Play-to-Earn (P2E), Interoperability, Marketplace, Subscription, Swap $CREO, and more. Simultaneously, CreoPlay remains committed to its mission as a provider of a dedicated game developer ecosystem, exemplified by the CreoPlay Developer Hub program.

Powered by Creo Engine, CreoPlay Developer Hub is a dedicated association fostering web2 and web3 game development in Indonesia. To enhance services for game developers, the CreoPlay Developer Hub promises a more comprehensive & interconnected platform experience for both local and global game developer communities.

Through this hub, game developers can engage in collaborative ventures and harness synergies for added-values.They will also have the opportunity to network with experts, infrastructure providers, and investors to bring their creative gaming innovations to life. This multifaceted collaboration framework aims to facilitate the creation of high-potential games through targeted financing and guidance.

As testament to its commitment in advancing web3 game development in Indonesia, CreoPlay regularly hosts DevHubTalks events every month. Since the debut of Creo Developer Hub in Q3 2022, two DevHubTalks events have transpired. The first event took place in August 2023, featuring experts in Quality Assurance from Agate International and Toge Production, followed by “Publish Your Game With Indie Budget” with Azwin Nugraha, Esports Marketing Communication Manager at Moonton Indonesia, in September 2023.

Beyond DevHubTalks, CreoPlay Developer Hub is open to the prospects of hosting additional special events such as webinars, workshops, or online/offline events. By engaging experts in web3 and related fields, game developers can gain access to invaluable education and the opportunity to express their aspirations within the CreoPlay Developer Hub.

Notably, the services of CreoPlay Developer Hub are free and open to all game developers, regardless of their location. CreoPlay extends a warm invitation to anyone who shares the vision of advancing web3 games on both local and global scales.

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