Level Up Mission is On!

Dear Commissioner,

Evermore Knights CBT is officially extended until 30th November 2022, and with that in mind, we are welcoming all CBT participants to enter Level Up Mission, a special event that will start on 15th — 30th November 2022

Here are the details:

  • Start grinding your Player Level to 10 to win 4-Star Unique Weapon
  • Push your way up to Player Level 15 to win 100 Carillons
  • Prizes will be distributed during Open Beta Test (OBT)
  • Prizes are non-tradeable!

Don’t miss this event, and good luck with the mission!

Ps: Join our Discord server and earn yourself a ‘Fellowship’ role by staying active in the channel. The ‘Fellowship’ role will grant users many benefits:
- Users can change their nickname in the server
- Users can create threads
- Users can share embedded links
- Users can add ‘reaction,’ ‘emojis,’ ‘and ‘stickers’ from outside of the server

Head to our web and socials to learn more:
Evermore Knights Website
Evermore Knights Twitter
Evermore Knights Discord
Creo Engine Discord



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