Rewards For All: ZEALY Event Evermore Knights X Omni is ON!

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2 min readOct 11


One of the web3 games with the most exciting events ever, Evermore Knights, is back with another Zealy event! After hosting a Creo Engine X Evermore Knights Zealy event back in April 2023, here is the newest and hottest one you don’t want to miss.

This 11th October 2023 - 10th Nov 2023, Evermore Knights is rocking it with a “NEW PLAYER” Zealy event that will reward ALL PARTICIPANTS, plus additional prizes for TOP 3 rank below:


  • 1st Rank: Gashani (non NFT) + Acc 5* + 10.000 Carillons
  • 2nd Rank: Gashani (non NFT + Skill Card *2 Gold up + 8.000 Carillons
  • 3rd Rank : Quinn (non NFT) + 5.000 Carillons
  • Other Ranks: 2500 Carillons( For achievers min 300 EXP)

Simply click their Zealy page HERE to register an account as a NEW PLAYER, then start completing all the various tasks to start collecting prizes. The tasks range from easy to more challenging as you progress daily.

Don’t forget to send a screenshot as proof of task completion, or follow the requirements needed to show your participation.

Note : Make sure you follow their Discord channel for all the details of this event!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to this Zealy campaign and don’t forget to follow all their links below to enjoy all awesomeness that Evermore Knights have to offer!

Head to our web and socials to learn more:
Evermore Knights Website



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