Strategic Partnership with Sekuya, Creo Engine To Advance Its Web3 Ecosystem In The Social World

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On September 11, 2023, Creo Engine as a leading web3 platform in the gaming industry with an interconnected ecosystem, proudly announced a strategic partnership with Sekuya, a fellow web3 gaming and social world company. By harnessing blockchain technology in their infrastructures, this collaboration envisions an exciting future for digital entertainment and financial prosperity across Asia.

With aspirations to become the cornerstone of all web3 gaming systems in the region, Creo Engine offers developers a secure and robust platform. Beyond gaming, we aim to revolutionize financial well-being in the realm of mobile gaming, opening doors for creators and users alike — now with greater reach as the collaboration with Sekuya is finalized..

Javier Tan, CEO of Creo Engine, remarked, “Creo Engine’s collaboration with Sekuya demonstrates our shared commitment to redefining the digital entertainment landscape in Asia. We are excited to merge our ecosystems, enabling a seamless exchange of characters and experiences that enrich the lives of our users.

Creo Engine has long been known for its user-friendly features, welcoming game developers and users of all skill levels. Its accessibility continues to expand as it seamlessly integrates into essential daily platforms like social media and e-commerce, particularly through CreoPlay which is the dedicated web3 platform with multiple features, such as Play-to-Earn(P2E), NFT Marketplace, Interoperability, Subscription, and more.

This integration is set to nurture a highly-interconnected and widely accessible metaverse, inviting not only gamers but individuals from all backgrounds. Through this partnership, the ecosystem’s growth is further assured, with a strong focus on accessibility, security, and integration. Ultimately, it will position Creo Engine at the forefront of the burgeoning metaverse economy in the region.

To kickstart Creo Engine X Sekuya collaboration, both companies will exchange intellectual property (IP) characters. Creo Engine’s beloved characters will join the Sekuya social world, and vice versa, the characters in Sekuya will explore Creo’s immersive world.

Joshua Budiman, CEO of Sekuya, stated, “Our partnership with Creo Engine represents a significant step towards reshaping the digital entertainment landscape. Together, we are creating an interconnected metaverse that caters to a diverse audience, fostering limitless creativity.”

This character and experience exchange promises to create a more dynamic and engaging digital universe for users on both platforms.

About Creo Engine — Creo Engine is an ecosystem with a vision for the future of digital entertainment and financial welfare in Asia. With its powerful blockchain technology, Creo Engine aims to be the foundation of all web3 gaming systems in the region, promoting financial welfare and accessibility while reshaping the digital entertainment landscape.

About Sekuya — Sekuya is a pioneering web3 gaming and social world company at the forefront of the metaverse revolution. Leveraging web3 and blockchain technology, Sekuya creates immersive gaming experiences and interconnected virtual worlds, with a strong focus on community building and innovation.



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