The Long Awaited Swap Feature at CreoPlay is Here

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3 min readJul 20


If you’ve been following Creo Engine for a while, you’d know that we’ve been sharing a lot about our Swap feature that’s available on CreoPlay.

The Swap feature is our implementation of Play-to-Earn, allowing Commissioners aka our players of Evermore Knights to earn real-life rewards. The concept is swapping or converting the in-game currency, Evergem, to $CREO which is a licensed cryptocurrency token officially listed in numerous exchanges.

You probably also have heard or even taken part in our Whitelist Swap Event, a select invitation to try out the feature on Mainnet. To refresh your memory, you can read the rules and tutorial here!

Now, we’re super excited to tell you that the Swap feature at CreoPlay is OPEN FOR PUBLIC!

Swap Feature at CreoPlay — Terms & Conditions

Before swapping your Evergem to $CREO, be sure to check the below terms & conditions:

  • To unlock Swap Feature you must own at least 1 (one) 4-star NFT in-game in Evermore Knights.
  • Duration for Swap limit is 1 month
  • The swap limit for 1 4-star NFT is 500 Evergem
  • You can increase your swap limit by adding another 4-star NFTs in the game.
  • Another development in the near future is the ability to increase swap limit by adding 3-star Character NFTs or Weapon NFTs.
  • The Swap Limit for 1 Character NFT is 500 Evergem.
    The Swap Limit for 1 Weapon NFT is 250 Evergem.
  • The maximum number of NFTs to swap is 4 from each category : Character or Weapon. For example, you could swap 4 Character NFTs (2,000) or 4 Weapon NFTs (1,000).
  • You can combine both Character and Weapon NFTs to maximize your swap limit to 3,000 Evergem per month. For example:
    - 4 Character NFTs (2,000) + 4 Weapon NFTs (1,000) = 3,000 Evergem
    - 4 Character NFTs (2,000) + 3 Weapon NFTs (750) = 2,750 Evergem

Note :
The maximum NFT per category is 4. A
ny more than that will not increase your swap limit. For example:
- 5 Character NFTs (2,000) + 4 Weapon NFTs (1,000) = 3,000 Evergem
- 3 Character NFTs (1,500) + 5 Weapon NFTs ( 1,000)= 2,500 Evergem

  • You are free to swap anytime you wish with a maximum swap limit of 3,000 per month. Swap limit is reset on the 1st of every month.

The more NFTs you own, the more $CREO is heading your way! So don’t hesitate to collect more and swap them for $CREO.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Swap feature at CreoPlay. We’re excited to see how you use this feature to earn real-life rewards from Evermore Knights.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re always happy to help. Get swapping today!

Stay tuned for more and head to our web and socials below:
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