Web2 to Web3 Transition: What To Expect As a User

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3 min readJun 27, 2023

Welcome to our series of Web3 knowledge! As the company behind CreoPlay offering a Web3 or decentralized gaming ecosystem, we hope to bring you more Web3-related articles and info — all simplified and ready for your next action.

This time, we’ll take you deep into the transition from Web2 to Web3, and how you as a user can anticipate what’s next. Let’s dive in!

Web2 and Web3 Usability

Let’s be honest, we all love the internet that we have come to know today. Whether it’s a website or an app, we are spoiled with most of the existing interface, streamlined design and user-friendly feature of Web2. We grow up with Web2 and using it is just like our hard-wired nature. Simply put, Web2 has a usability that is easy and enjoyable!

On the contrary, Web3 is not exactly user-friendly. From onboarding to actually using the decentralized web, it can be pretty frustrating for maybe even the moderately-savvy users. The majority of the world’s population would probably think twice before making the shift from the instant and familiar Web2, to the technical and foreign Web3.

You’re probably asking, “Can’t we just stay with Web2 and forget Web3 altogether?”. Well, here’s the thing. The shift to Web3 is not only crucial but already is underway. While usability is still challenging to some, users need to approach through different mindset : Are we accustomed to Web2 or is Web3 the challenging one?

Thinking in Web3 and Embracing It

To transition from Web2 to Web3, users need to establish some basic ground rules that will help ease the process. For starters, know that Web3 is still early in development and will go through a series of change before reaching a mainstream point.

Users should also transition slowly, so that the shift is gradual. Instead of going full Web3, it’s best to navigate at your own pace and learn as you go. The idea is not to discard Web2 altogether, but seek opportunities where Web3 allows you and be more selective as you move from Web2 to primarily Web3.

You should also look for a good middle ground between Web2 and Web3 or partial decentralization, where some of the components are running on the cloud or Web2 infrastructure, while also offering decentralized services, for example using blockchain as a data transmission and storage gateway.

Community is also key in Web3, which is why we love connecting with our gaming community via our official channels, from Twitter, Telegram and Discord. We share all the information and updates as your guidance to Web3.

Last but not least, seek interoperability feature, which means there is a mean of value transfer within a platform. Check out CreoPlay, where our gaming platform includes different game options for players, and allow them to ‘move’ their in-game assets freely.


For those who understand the potential of Web3 revolution and understand it as the way of the future, Web2 can be a challenging place to transition from. Major technology firms from both Web2 and Web3 spheres are working to find a seamless way to ease the transition.

For gaming community, Creo Engine is proud to offer decentralization in the most fun and effortless way. Access CreoPlay and gain access by connecting your Crypto Wallet, then take your steps from there. Don’t forget to join all our community channels too. Links below, enjoy!

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