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3 min readJan 11, 2024

Single player games are not online games and single purchase only. You can find many games like this on Steam. One example is The Revenant Prince (2016), proudly created by our in-house Game Studio, Nomina Games, and is available on Steam (2021).

For developers who make money by selling games, Single player games mean a once-and-done transaction, and that’s about it.

Don’t get us wrong, there are countless Single player games that are BEYOND EPIC and TOTALLY BELOVED by fans. But the challenge is, how do we keep the momentum going?

This is where our community of $CREO may come in handy for all game devs.

Enter CreoPlay, the Game Users & Developers Platform

A 7K+ strong and growing community, CreoPlay is the homebase of many Web3 games enthusiasts. We’re talking gamers, buyers, collectors, and even developers!

We certainly cannot leave developers behind, whether Web2 or Web3, as proven in our launch of CreoDapps — an effortless converter to help them transition into the Web3 gaming world.

More than just a converter, CreoDapps can also be a platform to create collectibles, such as tokens or NFTs. Once these extra items are born, game devs will immediately have more offerings for their single player gamers.

What This Could Mean to Single Player Game Developers

  • Asset Interoperability

NFT collectibles made for Single player games can be used in other games in CreoPlay — all made possible since our platform is intrinsically interoperable. Yes, our NFTs are compatible across the CreoPlay platform and can be equipped with your CreoPlay ID to explore other games!

  • Added Game Longevity

By adding NFT collectibles, developers can extend the lifespan of their single player games. Players have new goals to chase, like collecting all the NFTs, increasing replay ability and engagement.

NFTs can also act as DLC (downloadable content), offering new items, cosmetic upgrades, or even storylines, injecting fresh content without requiring a full-fledged expansion.

  • Online Existence

Single player games traditionally lack an online community. NFTs bridge the gap, allowing players to showcase their collections, trade with each other, and discuss strategies, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience. This online presence can further boost the game’s visibility and attract new players.

  • Expanded Community

CreoPlay’s interoperable platform connects players across different games within the platform. This expands the potential player base for each game, leading to larger communities and potentially more collaboration.

Developers can leverage this interconnectedness to host cross-game events or challenges, further engaging players and strengthening the overall CreoPlay ecosystem.

  • An Extra Income Avenue

NFTs offer a new way to monetize single player games beyond the initial purchase. Developers can sell NFTs directly, create tiered levels of rarity for increased revenue, or even implement royalties on secondary market sales.

This opens up a recurring income stream that can support ongoing development, content updates, and even fund future projects.

Calling All Game Developers To CreoPlay

It’s important to know that the CREOPLAY DEVELOPER HUB exists for the sole reason of inviting single player developers to utilize our dApp’s for collectibles.

Using The Revenant Prince as the first case study and as soon as the collectibles are made with CreoDapps, they can be taken to benefit other gameplay in @‌evermoreknights or Slime Haven. These collectibles can also be traded for additional income, including $CREO.

Additionally, developers can give free keys for their single player games for users to download for free, as well as earn royalties from games who offer to use their collectibles as a means to earn for certain games — All of which CreoPlay is working towards.

The potential to CreoDapps, CreoPlay, and everything within our Creo Community is truly boundless.

Let’s explore, get creative and connect with us!

Stay tuned for more and head to our web and socials below:
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